A List of North Korean Ballistic Missiles

A partially-covered Musudan ballistic missile during a parade. Source.

The following table lists various attributes of ballistic missiles in the North Korean inventory. Since North Korea is secluded and its equipment is poorly documented, the precise values for range, payload etc. are speculative and tend to vary by source. This table excludes the Taepodong-1, Taepodong-2, and Unha-series rockets, which are technology demonstrators not intended for military deployment.

NOTE: All of the missiles listed except for the Pukguksong-1 are launched from land-based transporter-erector-launchers. A 2013 report pegged the North Korean TEL count at around 200, but the figure has almost certainly grown since then. TELs are reloadable, but their survivability after one launch sequence is dubious considering the significant visual and auditory signatures of a missile launch. Some of these missiles also have long fueling sequences that would expose their TELs to preemptive strikes.

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