The launcher of the Cheongung II medium-range Korean-developed missile system.

The Great White Fleet was a group of American ships that circumnavigated the globe in a showing the flag exercise. The name of this website is an homage to this fleet, which used military strength to alter perceptions worldwide and further the agenda of the United States.

The goal of this website is to examine global military developments  and their significance, hence the name; the Great White Fleet was a prime example of military showmanship with geopolitical motives.

War has been a key aspect of the human experience since the beginnings of recorded history. However much we, as a race, desire to lay our warlike tendencies to rest, military power remains a key aspect of international politics, as one state’s disarmament is often another state’s opportunity. Even with the end of the Cold War and the subsequent reduction in state-vs-state conflicts, non-state actors such as ISIS remind the world that military conflict can always be right around the corner. Only by understanding and analyzing armed conflict can one take action to address it.

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